Jan 5, 2009

Christmas - i dont need anymore gifts, i got one!

From the blog www.togglefree.blogspot.com --
Well i am glad that i am blogging after a long time.The last time i wrote , well i clearly remember was on my birthday.This time i am writing also on a birthday , a belated b'day of soughts a globally celebrated b'day called Christmas.Many kids may assume that Christmas is the B'day of one mister Santa Claus who loves giving gifts than taking , what a noble fellow;How rare to find people who like to give than take on such wonderful occasions. The world today is one which prefers the equation (amount received > amount paid).I clearly remember parties(bday,marriage..etc) where the host are busy looking at the gifts we bring and inwardly calculating the profit they acquired by inviting us to the party ,not a noble thought i must say.Well coming back to Santa - this question arised in my mind, who is He? .In my search for the truth I went through few books and the santa story was quite simple.'Myra' christians hid gifts under the pillows of their kids on the night before the feast of one holy person called St.Nicholas and this person through centuries became the saw called 'Santa Claus'.Look how time has changed our perception, now we know who Santa Claus is but not the real person behind him thats Bishop St.Nicholas .Whats up with few saints they are always given different shades , do u remember one mister St.Valentine, poor chap who is a victim of Hallmark & Archies marketing.The bottom line is this , u may believe Santa exists(like millions of children around the world) or you may not (few like me) but the hope he brings is amazing.Hope of giving to the needy,hope of feeding the hungry,hope of clothing the naked - very much what Christ Jesus himself proclamied during his walk on earth(Jesus Said : "The least you do to a brother of yours ,you do it to me").Every one receives during Christmas, even if Mr.Santa has not given you anything in person you have received so much during this Christmas, remember the song we sang "Joy to the world the Lord has born let earth recieve thy King" .We have recieved the king of peace during this Christmas and having received the greatest gift called Peace from God we must be more than ever willing to share this across with the needy, i mean people who need peace.Next question -who are the needy ? well almost everyone, the muslim brothers on the street who wish each other peace (asallam vallikum....vallikum asallam) , the hindu brother who prays 'asathoma sadh gamaya tamasoma jyothir gamaya ...om shanthi shanthi..shanthi...., the christian brethren who wish the peace of christ with each other, or the rest in the world who unfortunately spell peace wrongly and call it world 'Piece' .Look everyone needs it some spell it correctly others dont. Christmas is more about giving than receiving. Christmas is more about peace than piece. Christmas is more about Christ than Santa. Christmas is more about YOU than me.