Mar 10, 2011

C4C - Chosen 4 Christ!

This is a Campus Ministry Fellowship Gathering to be held on 13th of March, Sunday. We are Inviting all the Campus Ministry Folks to be a part of this Celebration! So please keep this Gathering in your prayers and encourage every Campus Student that you meet to be a part of it!

The program is scheduled from 9am to 2pm (after Lunch!) and we are expecting to see around 80-100 Campus Students. The Resource for the Session on the day is Jose Sebastian. And the Venue is Jyothi Nivas College.

And specially Inviting all of the Service Team, KJYCT and Elders to come and spend time with our Campus Students!

God Bless You!

Mar 8, 2011

Called to be Missionaries

A message from the JY International Co-Ordinator.  Source : CampusVibes. (National Campus Newsletter)

Dear Missionaries of Christ,
I am very happy to greet the joyful missionaries of the Jesus Youth Campus Ministry in India. Our Lord is great. We were blessed to experience His love and providence in a special way during the Jubilee Year, especially during the Jubilee Conference. The Conference was surely nothing but a miracle. For me personally, the conference was a time of formation - a powerful time of learning to trust the Lord completely and blindly. Philippians 4: 13 has touched and inspired me many times during the last 20 years of my involvement in Jesus Youth. The Conference once again  re-affirmed to me as well as many other JY leaders that I could “do all things through Him who strengthens me”. I am certain that you too have had many experiences in your daily lives regarding this conviction. So please do continue your life with this ‘blind trust’ in God.
Jesus Youth is a move of the Spirit through the ordinary lives of young people. Our movement is the work of the Holy Spirit. At each time and stage the Spirit of God has built and led our movement in a powerful way and in the correct direction. So after the Conference and the Leaders’ Colloquium, the Holy Spirit has prompted the right focus and direction for the future; for the movement as well as for every Jesus Youth. This core focus which evolved through the conference is that ‘Every Jesus Youth is a Missionary’ and is being called to live a missionary life. 
As a result, the whole movement is focusing strongly on mission right now. And so, each Jesus Youth must take mission as his or her own personal focus and responsibility. Every Jesus Youth must identify or be more active in their personal mission. For more clarity I urge you to read the reflection ‘Looking Beyond the Jubilee’ prepared by Manoj Sunny, the former International Co-ordinator. We as leaders have to do our best to ensure that this reflection reaches the grass root level of the movement. I hope, the campus ministry at the various levels will encourage personal initiatives and new missions. Through these, we can contribute in whatever way possible to the plans of the Mother Church in her missions. I pray that this will be an effective time of growth and new missions in the campus ministry.
Assuring you of my prayers and support.


You Can download the whole newsletter here  
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