Jun 26, 2012

New Professional Team for Bangalore

The new Professional Team for Bangalore was discerned and constituted on 24th June 2012. Please join us in congratulating the following team members who have a great mission ahead.
  • Sr Sujitha CJ (Sister Animator)
  • Crispin D'Almeida (Elder, Mentor)
  • Mathew Varghese (Coordinator)
  • Tulip Estibeiro (Asst-Coordinator)
  • Mejo Jose
  • Robin Joseph
  • Rittu Roy
  • Rajesh Raphail
  • Agnel Sebastian
  • Meetu Tony (Ex Officio)
Please pray with us that this team works efficiently and with total zeal towards God in the lives of all young people who are either working or seeking job in this city. Best wishes to the new team. We also thank all the members, who were part of the previous team at various stages, for all their hard works.
With Prayers,
Bangalore Service Team

Jun 23, 2012

Jesus & Me - Campus Leadership Training Program

Bangalore Campus Ministry was blessed to begin the JESUS & ME Leadership Training Program on the Day of Pentecost, 27th May 2012 in Holy Trinity Ashram. Most of the participants attended the Recommitment Day at DVK and were ready for what lay ahead. The training program saw the participation of a vibrant group of 42 youngsters from various colleges of the city, belonging to an age group of 16 to 22. What's amazing is how a group of complete strangers bonded together into one family.

The LTP was structured to nurture the person's relationship with God, with others and with oneself. Every day began with a time of Personal prayer and Praise and Worship. Group work, Personal projects and Farmville were everyday affairs. This was initially accompanied with groans of "Oh no!" or "Not Again!", but eventually helped them be more responsible and disciplined.

Fr. Bitaju, Fr. Vinoy, Alex Njavally, C C Joseph, Dony Peter, Jose Sebastian, Jacob Jose and Prajwal Pinto were the main resources and they covered a wide range of topics like Holy Spirit, Relationship, The Holy Bible, Evangelization etc. What helped the participants the most was the Q&A sessions which addressed a lot of issues and doubts that they had.

The highlight of this training program was the opportunity to share Jesus in public places like Malls and Zoo. They also shared their personal testimonies with each other and to the outside world. The entire leadership program centred on ‘Discipleship’ and ‘Evangelization’ and was dealt very practically.

The LTP not only equipped them with spiritual knowledge but also with basic disciplines of life required for Discipleship. JESUS & ME LTP came to an end on the 3rd June 2012.

Love and Prayers,
Bangalore Campus Ministry

Jun 22, 2012

Christians living in Europe, and the Eucharist - Pope's prayer intentions for June 2012

This month, the Holy Father has asked us to pray, "That believers may recognize in the Eucharist the living presence of the Risen One who accompanies them in daily life"; and also, "That Christians in Europe may rediscover their true identity and participate with greater enthusiasm in the proclamation of the Gospel". Watch this video for more!