Apr 20, 2013

Teen’s Summer Camp 2013

Teen’s Summer Camp

The Teen’s Ministry, one of the most Vibrant ministries of Jesus Youth, always aims at the all-around development of Teenage students through various initiatives and sustained formation programs. Teen’s ministry has been growing in Bangalore. With a vision “To mould a generation of spiritually dynamic, socially responsible and intellectually alert teenagers for Christ”, this ministry in Bangalore has been providing a platform for teenager’s to exhibit their vibrancy in prayer. The recently concluded 6 Day Summer Campfor Teen’s was demonstrating this closeness to the Vision.

Bangalore Jesus Youth Teen’s Ministry had organized a 6 Day Summer Camp for the Teenager’s from various schools and parishes in Bangalore. It was held at Claret Nivas, Carmelaram. We had a participation of 26 Teens from various parts of Bangalore. The program started on 9th morning , with a 3 Day retreat done by Sunil Mahajan and his team from Project Life. The 3 Day retreat focused on God’s Love. They also had beautiful time of confession and adoration.

The next 3 days of camp was handled by Teen’s Ministry. The entire 4th Day was taken care by Fr. Cherian from Kerala. He took them through Personal Prayer, interactive sessions, Society and values etc. At the evening we had a special guest. We had Fr. Deeraj Sabu of swanthana community (Delhi) visiting the kids. Father took a session for them and also led the adoration. The adoration was really beautiful with the presence of Fr. Deeraj and Fr. Cherian. The kids were  blessed by both the priests.
On 5th Day,The kids experienced a wonderful time with their little bros and sisters at Swanthana, Carmelaram. They were with the differently abled children for 2 hrs. The Teen’s sang for them, prayed, gave them food. It was beautiful to see the love and care that these Teen’s extended to those kids. On return, the participants had spent a time of sharing with the elders – Beena Santhosh, Diana Joseph,  Lucy Roshan, Rojes , Shirlin, Leena, Shibu, Diana, Sunsun helped the participants. Evening, they attended sessions done by Max Tom and Mathew (National Teen’s Team). We had again a time of beautiful adoration.
Now it’s the Final day-6th Day. We had sessions in the morning by Sunsun. Post lunch, we had invited the parents of these Teen’s to be with their children. Fr. Xavier Manvath had taken a session for the parents. We had the concluding holy mass at 3:30 pm celebrated by Fr. Joy Inchody. The kids were blessed at the end of the mass.

Though these kids came in from various parts of Bangalore, most of them, seeing each other for the 1st time, but at the end of the program, they were all one Family. They eate, sang , played , danced and enjoyed together in the 45 acre sprawling campus of Claret Nivas. At the end, many of these kids came back and asked if they could stay in that place for few more time J

We also had 24 Hrs adoration at the venue throughout 6 Days.

Special thanks to Joemon (General Coordinator), Joel ( Mobilization), Anju, Jerry, Britin, Asish, Praful , Cecil, Nirmal, Akhila, Jomichen, All members of Music Ministry, Ranju, Asha, Maria, Alex, Treesa, Febin (Program Team), Volunteer’s from all other ministries who helped in the success of the program. A big thanks to Shirlin, Leena and 2 Kids for staying in the venue for all 6 days and taking care of the participants. Thanks to all Priests who came for confession and mass. Also, thanks to other families from Family Ministry who came to be with the Kids – Paul & Raji, Justin & Titty, Besto & Nisha, Sunsun & Priya, Diana & Shibu
Also thanks to all the people who supported this program Financially and in Prayers.
May god bless you all in abundance


JY Newsletter Feb 2013