May 11, 2013

BLOSSOM - Outreach Child Support one day program

Dear All,

Greetings from Outreach-Child Support (OCS)!!
We thought of sharing our beautiful experience on Blossom, a one day program for all the children who are being supported from Bangalore through OCS. The very vision of OCS is not just to provide financial help to children, but also to enable their holistic development- one such platform is Blossom.
We thank our Almighty Father, for His Blessings, which helped us organize the entire program, (which was once our distant dream).
The program was held on the 28th of April, 2013 in the Philosophy block of Dharmaram. It was organized in five streams - Parents, 8th to 12th students, 4th to 7th students, LKG to 3rdstudents and sponsors. There were about 150 people in total for the program. Thanks to the never ending efforts of Cecil for coordinating the entire mobilization, and ensuring that all of them reached on time by arranging transportation, which was a humongous task. Once they reached the venue, registrations were done-where we even got their information rectified.
The program was organized in Kannada, for which we had speakers from across Karnataka (Aldrin, Prince, Manjula) who shared their beautiful insights to all the participants and volunteers. Parents were so happy to have attended such a program as it was an eye opener to them in many areas (Parenting, addiction, expressing love to their children etc). And they were glad that they heard such beautiful talks, which they told us, was encouraging them to educate others in their neighborhood as well. All the more, parents were so much moved and were thankful to all the OCS volunteers for having organized such a beautiful program for them and their children.
Some parents thought it was a program for kids and their role would be nothing much otherwise from accompanying their children, towards the end they realized it was organized mainly for them as they were the people who need to support and motivate their children in becoming what they want to be. We also set apart some time for parents to share their concerns, regarding the support they were getting.
All the children enjoyed the program as it was filled with thoughtful activities, fun filled games and insightful sessions. The high school children were given talks about what is their purpose in life, and what is their call as a student and as a responsible child. They were also guided how they can achieve their dreams, which they shared. Finally a session on the importance of education and how to study in the situation they are in (bloom where they are planted) along with some exam tips.
Children were so inspired that towards the end of the program, some of them promised that once they grow up, they will make sure to support at least 4 children.
The upper primary kids were given important talks on how and what to dream, and how to achieve them along with the importance of education. Volunteers organized many games along with music so that children were always energetic and cheerful. A beautiful session on how to be a good child at home and school was also given to them.
The younger kids up to class 3 were engaged throughout the program by energetic volunteers with a lot of games, moral stories, action songs, etc.
The sponsors and the well-wishers of OCS had a gathering during the latter half of the day, during which they were discussing- the need for volunteers, OCS activities till date, some policy changes, how to fulfill the vision of OCS, etc. Thanks to the Director-OCS, Subin Jacob for facilitating the same.
Thanks to Shinto and his team for arranging the food, tea and welcome drinks; also for ensuring everything was done before time. Thanks to Anand and team for handling the logistic needs of the program making sure every detail was taken care. Music team was coordinated by Joyal and Jomichan. Different sessions were also handled by Basilica, Jude, Blessy and Shawn. Finance was coordinated well within our budget by Ashish. Excellent planning and coordination of the program were done by Sibiya, Ashok and Mejo (OCS coordinator, Karnataka). And we express our heartfelt thanks to all the volunteers, who helped us organize the first ever OCS one day program in Bangalore.
Please find few snaps attached.

Outreach Child Support Team