Jul 25, 2012

Pope's prayer intentions for July 2012

This month, the Holy Father has asked Catholics everywhere to pray: "That everyone may have work in safe and secure conditions". Fr. Kubicki reflects on Pope Benedict XVI's general prayer intention for July 2012 in this video.

In addition to asking Catholics everywhere to pray for Work Security this month, the Holy Father has also asked for us to pray: "That Christian volunteers in mission territories may witness to the love of Christ". In this video, Fr. Kubicki reflects on Pope Benedict's mission intention for July 2012.

Family Gathering @ Snehadan

Family is one of the greatest gifts from God. We in the JY Family ministry, understanding this truth, spent some part of our last Sunday thanking and praising the Lord for this gift in our lives. There were around 30 families in this event. The program started out @ 2:30 PM with a blessed time of Praise and Worship led by Shine and team. After this we had an Ice breaking game amongst the participants. Everyone enjoyed this game as Ann Mary introduced lots of Bible Characters through this game.

This was followed by a sharing by Jose Thomas about the importance of couples group in the context of the Church in Bangalore. This very informative session was followed by an equally interesting panel discussion. The panel included Jose Antony and Sharu, Mathew Joseph, Sanjay Joseph and Sindhu Sanjai and they answered various questions on Family life, Pro Life, Challenges in Family & Professional life, Raising kids etc. This was followed by sharing of various ministry leaders about happenings in different ministries and the various options for families to support them. After this there was a break for tea.

Post-tea there was adoration lead by Jacob Jose, which was followed by Holy Mass celebrated by Fr Xavier Manavath. During the homily, father shared about the importance of lay groups in the Church. It helped the participants understand the greater role they could play in the Church. This was followed by dinner. Apart from enjoying the great food it was time for making new friends among the participants.

And last but not the least, the team of Volunteers who were there to look after our kids. The kids had a wonderful time with them. A BIG THANKS to the entire team ….

Much Love,
For JY Family Ministry

Jul 1, 2012

SOUL CONNECT - An evening with the Lord

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