Jul 29, 2010

Revive - English Youth Growth Retreat

Have you experienced the Lord's touch in your life and is thirsting for a deepened relationship with him? This retreat is for you!!
Look through the program outline below and you will realize that it contains the perfect recipe for a strong and mature spiritual life - growth level sessions on Personal Prayer, Word of God and sacraments, followed with sessions and testimonies on family life.

This stay-in retreat and happens at Upasana, close to RRC, starting at 8.00 AM on August 7, Saturday, with breakfast, and ending by 5.30 PM on August 8, Sunday.

The seats are limited. So, please call 9886173338,9916477350 or 9845214905 to confirm a seat. Registration fees is Rs.300 which can be worked out if you have a difficulty.
If you are serious about your spiritual life, take the time out to attend this retreat and you will be glad that you did! May the Spirit lead you.

----------------------------Program Outline-------------------

 Day 1 - August 7, Saturday
 Session 1: The call to Holiness
Be Holy as the one who called you is holy (1 Ptr 1:15)
  • Do not be afraid to become the saints of the new millenium(PPJP II)
  • Need for holiness at home, workplaces
  • Answering the Lords' call to holiness
Session 2 - Importance of Personal Prayer
Remain in me(Jn 15:4)
  • How it will transform you?
  • Taking the Lord's presence with you.
  • How long and when should I ideally pray?
Session 3 - Challenges faced in personal prayer.
The violent take the Kingdom of God by force (Mt 11:12)
  • Extremely busy at work?Odd job times(Night Shift?)Boredom and dryness in prayer..Married, with kids, and not finding time to pray?...etc   You will find answers in this session
Session 4 - Constituents of Personal Prayer
Lord, teach us to pray(Luke 11:1)
  • Importance of a method of prayer
  • Usual constituents of a time of prayer
  • How to hear and follow God's special call for you?
Session 5 - Using the Word of God in prayer
Sword of the Spirit(Eph 6:17)
  • Importance of memorizing the Word of God
  • Allowing WOG to transform you
  • Using WOG in personal prayer and intercession
Day 2 - August 8, Sunday

Session 1 - Drawing from the source and summit of Christian Life
Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood(Jn 6:53)
  • Why transformation through the Eucharist doesnt take place in our lives?
Session 2 - Holiness in Family Life

And God said, it is not good for man to be alone(Genesis 2:18)
  • Acceptance of one's (future)spouse
  • Preparation in prayer and the need for prayer after marriage
  • How to make your spiritual life bear fruit in your family and community?
  • Challenges faced in building a family after the heart of God
Session 3 - Prolife
The marriage bed should be kept undefiled (Hebrews 13:4)
  • Keeping holiness in marriage
  • The rarely touched topic: The Sin of contraception

Jul 19, 2010

Pro-Life Marathon 2010

Pro-Life Marathon 2010 - A National Campaign Against Female Infanticide and Feticide

www.prolifemarathon 2010.com

· According to a recent report by the United Nation’s children’s’ Fund, up to 50 million girls and women are missing from India’s population as a result of systematic gender discrimination in India.

· According to the 2001 census, the national sex ratio was 932 girls for 1000 boys.

· India, now, has 930, 000 missing girls every year due to female infanticide.

· There are 6 million abortions taking place every year in India alne!

· Is it not time for us, friends, to act on this issue?

Come, let us fight against this female infanticide and killing of the unborn.

To create awareness about this devilish act of killing innocent lives, SANTHOME YOUTH ASSOCIATION of Bangalore, in association with South India Cell For Human Rights Education and Monitoring, Al-Ameen Educational Society, Respect for Life India, Dharmaram College and Group of Institutions, St. Thomas Forane Church, DVK, St. Johns Medical College, St. Philominas Hospital, St. Marthas Hospital, Christujayanti College, Jesus Youth , etc. conducts a Pro-Life Marathon.

· Date and Time: 1st August 2010, 06.30 am to 09.30 am.

· Registration is free. A goodie bag will be provided to every runner.

· Venue: Dharmaram Ground, Christ University.

· Distance: 9.9 Km, covering Diary Circle, Jayadeva Hospital, BTM Layout, Silk Board, Madiwala and Christ University.

We are looking for your participation.

Yes, your participation will bring immense joy for the next generation of the new born.

Visit and register ::: www.prolifemarathon 2010.com

Jesus Youth Jubilee Conference 2010