Jan 10, 2013

Karnataka Faith Conference 2013

Dear All,

Prayer filled greetings from Jesus Youth Karnataka!

At the onset we wish you God’s choicest blessings upon you and your family.

For us Jesus Youth, the Jubilee was a time of special grace for everyone in the movement, during the course of which there were numerous occasions to reflect on the call and mission of being a Jesus Youth. The declaration of the Year of Faith has been most eagerly welcomed in the Jesus Youth movement as a God-given opportunity for ‘fostering the graces received during the Jubilee’.

In this context, Jesus Youth is initiating a series of regional conferences titled “Faith Conference 2013” across the country, with the central theme “Faith’. The conference in the region of Karnataka will be held from the 25th (8:30am) to 27th of January2013 (5:00pm) at the Apostolic Carmel Generalate (behind Sagar Hospital on Banerghata Road), Bangalore. This 3 day Conference will be based on the theme "Know the Faith", "Live the Faith" and "Share the Faith".

Accompanying youth on their journey of faith has been the favored mission of the Jesus Youth movement and this conference would enable the participants to know more and re-discover their Faith. Around 800 to 1000 Jesus Youth from across Karnataka are expected to participate in this conference.

It is with much thirst and dreams for the Lord that we host this program in Bangalore. The program is organized in three streams – for youth in Englishfor youth in Kannada and for families. We have even organized a Kids Care centre to take care of the children during the Conference days.

With great happiness, we invite you all to come and be a part of this Conference and share with us the blessings from above.

For more details on registration, please contact:
John Joseph (+91-9980092105)