May 31, 2010

Soccer World Cup Prayer

“May the game of soccer always be more of a means of teaching the values of honesty, solidarity and fraternity, especially among the younger generations.”  - Pope

May 25, 2010

Youth Vibes - Hongasandra

Holy Family Parish,Hongasandra is organizing a one day youth gathering called 'Youth Vibes' in the parish on May 30th(Sunday). This program will be led by Jesus Youth who belong to the parish.
Main Resources - Br.George Gloria , Mathew Joseph(ST animator,Bangalore).
Program Coordinators - Mathew Abraham, Anoop

May 13, 2010

The Pentecost Night Vigil - May 22 - St.Patrick's

Dear Friends of the Archdiocese of Bangalore,

Pentecost promises to set your heart on fire! Ensure you are present at St Patricks to receive power from on high. Inform others, spread the news... via a personal visit, or on your phone, send an email, make an announcement, bring the poor, tired, sick and weary.

The wind is blowing again...come and receive a fresh annointing!!!

Nurses Meet June 12-13,2010 , DVK , Bangalore

It is with great joy that the organizers and participants await ‘Bangalore Nurses Meet 2010’. It is a project initiated by the Jesus Youth Nurses Ministry in Bangalore. Extensive arrangements are being made for the same and the endeavor bears the promise of rich fruit and the beginning of a revival in Bangalore . The program will be in English and that indeed is thing of joy for each of us who have been striving to reach the masses with the love of Christ at the zonal level.
Please find below the details of the program
Dates: June 12-13th
Venue: DVK HALL,

The target participant group for this program will primarily be from different Nursing Colleges and Hospitals of Bangalore. As is in the case of any evangelistic outreach of such a big magnitude, the need for finance and rotation funds is glaring, especially in these days of preparation. In this regard, we request you to contribute as generously as possible. Every mite received will be duly and gratefully acknowledged with prayers and a receipt. A break up of the expenses for the program will be provided on request.

Looking forward for your support both financially and mightily in prayers,

Yours in Christ,

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May 12, 2010

Reach'10 Report

A summer programme for teens – REACH ’10 - was organized by the Bangalore Teens ministry from 6th to 9th May in Carmel Convent School, Bangalore. The theme of the program was ‘Extend your Boundaries’. The programme was attended by 68 teens from different schools and parishes of Bangalore. Below is a brief write-up on the same by Cini Mathew who was part of the programme team for REACH '10.

One week before REACH ‘10 was about to start, nothing was in place; mobilization was not done, pamphlets were not printed, resources were not finalised. Nothing seemed to be in place, but still each member of the teens team had their hope on the Lord. REACH started on Thursday 4:30 pm with the registration. On 1st of May, not even 1 person was confirmed and on 6th May we had 68 participants registered. The first day just passed by, with no one really seeming to be interested.

The second day started with lots of confusion and lots of tension, but still no one lost hope. Amidst all these confusion, Lord showed His mercy upon each one of us. The session on God's love (which was the first session) was liked by all. Then was an activity where the teens themselves prepared and presented skit. Each team presented a skit, and it was well accepted by all. Then was the time of some game and enjoyment with paper dressing. After all this masti was the session and workshop on Confidence Building, which gave the teens an insight on how they could do great things with the help of Lord. After this, the teens attended a session and video presentation on Teen Saints followed by a session on Mother Mary which was taken by Deril (he is now doing his 1st yr BCA). The session was so well accepted by the teens that one of them even said “I want to be like this brother (Deril), when I grow up". It was followed by the Adoration taken by Br.George. It was such a beautiful time of Adoration that every participant felt the touch of Lord; they all said that they were able to feel the love of Christ.

The third day started well with God's grace, with a beautiful time of Praise and Worship, then moving on to Sin and Temptation, the session taken by Teena, followed by a session on Prolife. Then there was a session on 10 commandments taken by Jithin, and then was the time of confession. Many participants said that they were able to make a very good confession. They were able to open up their hearts after a long time and were so much relaxed. After the confession and Holy Mass, the teens attended a session on Holy Spirit, handled by Br.George. This was the day when God's grace and mercy was even more evident. Until 5:00 we were lagging behind by 1 hr, but by the end of the day all the session were over by 8:30 and we had time to even celebrate a teen's birthday and then clean the entire hall and go to sleep by 11:00. Such was the mercy of our Lord. He never left alone anyone of us, be it volunteers or teens. He kept each one of us in His care. The Inner healing session on that day was made more beautiful by the beautiful decoration done by the audio visual ministry and lead by Jithin.

The fourth day, we saw all the participants jumping around with joy after the anointing of the Holy Spirit lead by Jose Sebastian. Many volunteers, who were asked to lay their hands on the teens and pray, themselves felt the power of the Spirit flowing through their body. The anointing worship was followed by a session on the Word of God. Then there was an activity where the teens were asked to publish a newspaper on their past three days at the Camp. The response was awesome. Lord gave the grace that each and every teenager, all the 68 participants were involved in making the newspaper for their group. Total 6 papers were published, all with different names and unique creative ideas. At the end of the day, the parents also gathered to bless their children, they joined us for mass, lunch and then for a session on family values.

Over all it was a beautiful experience for each one part of the program, be it the volunteer or the participant. The Music ministry gave a very lively ending to the programme with very good action songs. The song "Chik Chik Chang" written and composed by Becky of Chennai was liked by all the participants and their parents. The Audio Visual ministry made the programme more colourful with meaningful skits in between sessions. The best thing was that, all the big resources were listed for the program, but everyone was busy at that time, so everyone part of team became the resources. The testimonies shared by the leaders of the Bangalore teens team was most inspiring. There was one girl Maria who was a participant of Philia'09. She gave testimonies that made each one to stand in awe of our Lord. His mercies never cease. She gave 3-4 testimonies without preparing. Lord Jesus was merciful on each one of us.

I would like to end this write-up by telling the line that Tulip got while she was preparing for MC - "God does not choose the qualified, but qualifies the chosen". It was indeed true in case of everyone part of REACH '10. He moulded and used each one of us. Glory and Praise be to our great and mighty Lord. His mercies never cease. So much of joy is there in my heart right now as I write this. Praise the Lord forever. Please continue praying for each participant of REACH and Chalo. The participants of both the programs touched all of our heart so much, that their love is still fresh in our hearts and mind.

May 4, 2010

‘Celebrate Life’ - ProLife Exhibition - May 8/9 @ Friary

As part of the ‘Days-Of-Grace’ initiative Jesus Youth Bangalore (Pro-life Ministry) is organizing a pro-life exhibition called ‘Celebrate Life’ this weekend (May 8th & 9th) at St.Anthony’s Friary Church.

Requesting your prayers and presence for the exhibition. It will be of great help to the organizers if you can share this information with all your friends and well wishers.

This exhibition is open for all in Bangalore. Be there, Get Friends and Support Life!

May 3, 2010

DTP 2010 - May21 eve to May 29

Campus ministry of Bangalore is organizing a DTP(Discipleship Training Program) for campus students from may 21 (evening 4pm) to may 29th(evening) at St.Norberts House , Near Hennur Cross ( KJC)  , Bangalore.

For details contact -- 9663372085

Pentecost Day

Reach 2010 - Teens Summer Camp

Teens Summer Programme ‘REACH '10’ is scheduled from 6 to 9 May 2010 in Carmel Convent School near Diary Circle.
The theme of the programme is "Extend your boundaries". The program is for children studying in High School classes.

To send children in your family or any teen you know for this teens camp, reach out to Jomon Jose - 9880795754, Prince - 9844595596