May 13, 2010

Nurses Meet June 12-13,2010 , DVK , Bangalore

It is with great joy that the organizers and participants await ‘Bangalore Nurses Meet 2010’. It is a project initiated by the Jesus Youth Nurses Ministry in Bangalore. Extensive arrangements are being made for the same and the endeavor bears the promise of rich fruit and the beginning of a revival in Bangalore . The program will be in English and that indeed is thing of joy for each of us who have been striving to reach the masses with the love of Christ at the zonal level.
Please find below the details of the program
Dates: June 12-13th
Venue: DVK HALL,

The target participant group for this program will primarily be from different Nursing Colleges and Hospitals of Bangalore. As is in the case of any evangelistic outreach of such a big magnitude, the need for finance and rotation funds is glaring, especially in these days of preparation. In this regard, we request you to contribute as generously as possible. Every mite received will be duly and gratefully acknowledged with prayers and a receipt. A break up of the expenses for the program will be provided on request.

Looking forward for your support both financially and mightily in prayers,

Yours in Christ,

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