Nov 21, 2011

Passionately Yours........

There are many challenges and difficulties that we as a family encounter in a city like Bangalore. At some point or the other we have all asked ourselves; How do we

  • Connect with other families with good Christian values?
  • Find a support group of friends who will help us deepen our faith in Christ?
  • Instill the right attitudes and values in our children?
  • Help our children find good role-models and friends?
  • Remain rooted in faith?
  • Reach out to others and share the gospel?
  • Make a difference in the society that we live in?

The Jesus Youth Family Ministry is starting an initiative to build Communities of Christian Families who will help each other be rooted in Christ and bring back the vibrancy of the first Christians into their local parishes.

This initiative aims to create a platform for families in Bangalore to connect with each other, build fellowship, become a mutual support system, grow deeper in faith, reach out to others and become active members of the local parishes.

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