Jan 16, 2012

YOUCAT - Together

YOUCAT stands for “Youth Catechism”. It is an official youth catechism recommended by Pope Benedict XVI and compiled under the direction of the primary editor of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Cardinal Christoph Schönborn of Vienna. Developed with the input of young Catholics, YOUCAT is a faithful and contemporary presentation of the Catholic Faith.

Dear young friends! Study this catechism! This is my heartfelt desire.
Form study groups and networks, share with each other on the internet!
Pope Benedict XVI

Let's 'TOGETHER' unravel the truths about our faith and existence. Let's respond to the call of our Holy Father and study the basic teachings of the church online one question at a time. Also welcoming all our catholic, non-catholic brethren to explore the catholic faith and really experience what she is, not what you think or heard what she is!! Be part of the TOGETHER initiative on the JYBangalore Facebook page. Answer the questions, share your views and lets together learn.