Feb 6, 2012

Sunday Prayer Group 6th Anniversary Gathering

"We had planned out a simple event, but the good Lord blessed it and made it a wonderful one.

The regulars at the group came early and put up chairs and decorations, arranged the place and did a dry run of game planned. A surprise was our old timer Patrick from Coimbatore coming all the way just for this program. So while we decorated the place, Patrick who agreed to take up the Adoration, prepared for it.

We began adoration at 10:15, with one or two more joining us. It was a beautiful time thanking and worshiping the Lord. Father Vinoy arrived, and after the adoration, we had a small round of introductions and warm up in the hall. A wonderful Mass followed at 11:30 with Fr Vinoy’s Homily challenging us to keep the passion of Jesus always in focus and be a truly contended, worthy catholic. More people and some sisters had joined for Mass. Crispin made sure we followed the new missal at Mass, and prepared well for it.

After mass, we had a small celebration with a cake cutting, and then a scrumptious lunch. We played a fun game and listened to a small sharing from Piyush about how a prayer group has enriched, and is still enriching him in his walk with the Lord. We officially closed after celebrating Crispin’s birthday, but many stayed back for some more time to clear the place and close for the day."

- Candice Lobo

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Thomson Mathew said...

wow great to see the sunday group anniversary relived through these words. amazing to see people like Patrick coming all over from chennai just to attend this & he did that last year as well.....showing what this group means to him and others. Nice Catholic small community!

From Boston!