Mar 12, 2012

One Night for Life

March 25th is declared as the World Prolife Day as the church celebrates this day as the day when Jesus was conceived by Mother Mary (9 months before Dec 25th - birth day of Infant Jesus), the day of Annunciation. So this day is celebrated and prayed over for all the Unborn Babies in the world .

The Jesus Youth of Bangalore is Celebrating the Saturday Night Vigil on 24th March 9.45pm to 25th March at 5am as a Pro-Life Night Vigil where we Rejoice, Adore, Worship our good Unborn Baby Jesus and also listen to inspiring session on Mother Mary`s Holiness and Womb a Tabernacle by a speaker from Human Life of Goa. We also pray for all the Unborn Babies in the world .

This is the time where we can sacrifice our one night sleep praying for the unborn babies around the world so that our Good Unborn Baby  Jesus will hear our cries and save many unborn around the world who are under the verge of abortion .

Please do pray for the success of this event in your daily prayers and be sure to come and join us in prayers.

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