May 31, 2012

Recommitment Day Gathering

Praise God!

Special thanks to all who joined us for the Re-commitment Day gathering and also to those who joined us in prayers. Our Re-commitment day gathering on May 27th was a big blessing. Nearly 450 people came together at DVK hall to pray for a greater anointing of the Holy Spirit. The gathering began with Rosary requesting the special intercession of Mother Mary. It was followed by JY prayer with a wonderful time of Praise and Worship and sharing of the Word during which Fr. Joy Inchody, Service Team pastor, shared about the significance of the day of Pentecost and the importance of the virtue of Charity by stating examples from the history of Church. The music ministry was superb throughout the program. Mathew Joseph, Service Team animator spoke to the crowd about being ‘Joyful Missionaries’ during his session. He shared his experience and also invited three others on stage to share about their ministry experiences and initiatives that they have taken in the last few years. This was followed by a blessed time of adoration. Few of our brothers and sisters sacrificed their time and effort and moreover the Re-commitment day gathering to prepare food for all of us. The lunch time was an opportunity for people to meet each other. Post lunch, Holy Mass was celebrated by Fr. Divia Paul, Youth Director of Archdiocese of Bangalore and concelebrated by Fr. Joy. During the homily Fr. Divia Paul stressed on the point - "we do many things and we are also gathered here not because we love our Father God, but because our Father God is loving each one of us". After the Holy Mass, the re-commitment prayer was led by Fr Joy. All ministry core teams were anointed and priests also prayed for special anointing by laying hands on all the participants. The youth prayer card and June 2012 edition of the Jesus Youth Bangalore newsletter were released during the gathering. Intercession before the Blessed Sacrament that started on the previous day morning continued till the end of the gathering. Overall it was a great day for the Jesus Youth in Bangalore. May the almighty God give us the strength and grace to continue in the anointing and be joyful missionaries.


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