Jun 26, 2012

New Professional Team for Bangalore

The new Professional Team for Bangalore was discerned and constituted on 24th June 2012. Please join us in congratulating the following team members who have a great mission ahead.
  • Sr Sujitha CJ (Sister Animator)
  • Crispin D'Almeida (Elder, Mentor)
  • Mathew Varghese (Coordinator)
  • Tulip Estibeiro (Asst-Coordinator)
  • Mejo Jose
  • Robin Joseph
  • Rittu Roy
  • Rajesh Raphail
  • Agnel Sebastian
  • Meetu Tony (Ex Officio)
Please pray with us that this team works efficiently and with total zeal towards God in the lives of all young people who are either working or seeking job in this city. Best wishes to the new team. We also thank all the members, who were part of the previous team at various stages, for all their hard works.
With Prayers,
Bangalore Service Team

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