Oct 29, 2012

Marian Eve

Dear friends,

Want to thank you all for your prayers and support for the Marian Eve on the 27th. The program went really well by the Lord's grace. It was held in Maria Bhavan (Montfort Fathers) near RRC.

We had a crowd of around 50-60 people, if I am not wrong with mostly families and a lot of kids :-). We were truly blessed to have Father Souri Raj (OSM) with us. He spoke beautifully about Mother Mary and though we just had one hour to listen to his words, we truly wished that we could hear him even more. He had a lot to speak about our Dear Mother. It was his second experience with Jesus Youth, the first being last month in Chennai. He is a good resource to call for any program.

The Rosary procession was beautiful, especially to see the little children proudly holding their candles and praying. Though everything was planned within a short span of time, things turned out well at the end.

There were a lot of kids running around and it was a joy watching them enjoy the refreshments and everyone had a good time of interaction. There were a lot of Marian books and CDs displayed for sale by our Montfort fathers and there were really happy to see us. Fr.Joseph appreciated all our efforts and assured his prayers for our movement.

A few photos are attached.

Our love for Mother Mary has greatly deepened through this program. Thank you dear Mother, for watching over us and praying for us.

Let us continue to pray for our Jesus Youth family and ask for Her special intercession.

Be with us Mary along the way
Guide every step we take
Lead us to Jesus your Loving Son
Come with us Mary, come.

With prayers,
Anne Mary.

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