Jan 11, 2016

Jesus Youth Bangalore Service team 2016 - 18

On the evening of 8th January, the gathering to discern and decide on the new service team of Bangalore prayerfully began. After the two day Bangalore servant leaders gathering, the new team was elected. 

The new team members are

1) Sebastian George (Coordinator)
2) Teddy Abraham (Asst. Coordinator)
3) Baslica Mary M
4) Tiara Jose
5) Stephen James
6) Sibya Elsa Sunny
7) Sherry Jess Francis
8) Anushikha Abraham
9) Mejo Jose and Jincy Mejo (Family representative)
10) Fr.Joy (Chaplin)
11) Shine T Jose (Animator)
12) Soni Thomas (Ex-officio)

During the gathering we had Shoy Thomas, Coordinator - Jesus Youth National Council India, John Joseph, Jesus Youth National Council India,  Livin Varghese Coordinator Jesus Youth National campus team and Jose Sebastian, Coordinator - Formation base team, Bangalore during the process.

I appreciate the efforts invested by the outgoing team during the last term. Let us assure our prayers and support for the newly elected team.

Shinto Antony

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